Virgo Woman And Pisces Man

Virgo woman will be instantly attracted to Pisces man because of his intellectual theories initially while he will be attracted by her ability in seeing things in a mature and practical way. Many Pisces men are apt at grabbing opportunities and this could make their love a success story with both keeping each other mentally and physically stimulated.


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But that is only one side of the coin and there is a darker side to it as well. Whether the match will last depends largely on how much the couple understands each other. Virgo woman is not usually thrilled by thoughts of trying to match her life styles with the habits of another person while the Pisces man will always remain in the dream world where he will like everyone to match the dream perfectly. Virgo woman could be great and perfect had she not been bestowed with one of the greatest follies; criticizing everything and everyone. Yet she could be loyal in marriage to a Pisces man despite not having the best of the compatibilities.

Pisces man will always stay clear of trouble while Virgo woman will not like trouble either. However Pisces man has the uncanny ability of seducing a woman by making her think as one in a million. Pisces man will lead Virgo woman to his dreamland with all those fairy tales and she will look at him with wide eyed curiosity listening to all those tales. She is a good listener and that is what Pisces will like most and at the same time Virgo woman can analyze Pisces man best in comparison to any other woman and Pisces man can benefit greatly from her guidance. One plus point in their relationship could be their giving importance to love making though they may quarrel on many other counts. Opposite polarities in Zodiac charts, they will have great lovemaking capabilities. Virgo woman will be quiet outwardly with great passion while Pisces with his delicate, tender and poetic motions can make Virgo woman happy.

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